Swedish Media fooled by Immigrants causing Catastrophe beyound Comprehension

In Sweden the eightenth year of a severe malingering by proxy epidemic and child abuse is now before us. A child torture epidemic unacceptable in any democratic country except in the country of Sweden which has a seriously disturbed collective persona with obsessive-compulsive traits related to immigration i.e. it is totally taboo to criticise adult immigrants for anything they do including severe maltreatment of their own children.


The key mechanism to understand this issue is to understand that Swedish media branded all whistleblowing doctors and health staff as xenophobic and nazi when they raised concern. Then all whistleblowers were shot and the epidemic continued. Many asylum-seeking  families with children that are denied asylum, no others, have at least one child that is tubefed for years, mutistic in its bed. There is an evident risk the epidemic might spread to other countries. Preliminary figures show that up to as many as 10.000 refugee children in Sweden might been affected. Some have died.

Swedish authorities regard this severe child abuse as a disease. The scandal is of that dimension so its impossible to understand.

Picture shows adults with a child. The photo is taken from internet when ”apathetic children Sweden” is googled and we know of no other information than this and this child might be suffering from a real disease in Sweden or somewhere else in the world. But no one can guarantee anything as the epidemic in Sweden is now continuing without any media attention.  If anyone recognizes this picture and have specific information about people on the picture please contact us, send an sms to *4798189351.   We publish it because you cant see the face of the ”patient”. In other words this picture might be taken anywhere in the world without any connection to the MAL-BP epidemic in Sweden. But the opposite might also be true.

But no one knows for certain, hospitals, doctors, National Board of Health and Welfare and most of all the world famous Karolinska Institute whose professors elect Nobel Prize winners in Medicin and first believed they had discovered a new disease are nowadays reluctant to discuss the epidemic.