Swedish Political Correctness and Medical Research in a Deadly Mixture

BBC recently published a reportage about ”Swedens Mystery Illness”, easy to google these terms to find it, add BBC.

Below you find a web-TV interview planned for some months.

Thanks to some neutral reporting by BBC about this deadly phenomenon in Sweden where refugee children are starved to death by traffickers to get asylum for the rest of the family there is now new energy flowing into this debate that in Sweden had reached an impass.

Swedish mighty medical research institutet Karolinska Institutet has lost its soul to political correctness and denies any evidence of malingering by proxy or induced illness and reports year after year that adults are NOT manipulating the children. The same doctors at Karolinska Institute that denies MAL-BP (malingering by proxy) situations for children between 6-17 years of age are also the ones that tell that every unaccompanied 30-40 year old male that come to Sweden and tells he is under 18 years of age MUST be regarded as under 18 years as it is absolutely forbidden by ethical reasons to doubt whatever a refugee in Sweden tells you.

Well, everyone with an open mind must admit that if Karolinska Institute regard 35 year old men as 16-17 years old that might be so. But if these same doctors tell that you may never question a trafficker why a child is unwell, even if clear evidences show that traffickers are torturing the child in secret to make it ill with a purpose of getting social security money, one wonders if not the ethical guidelines of Karolinska Institute should be reviewed.

There are unfortunately just some very few passages in English, perhaps all together around 5 minutes, but we might translate the whole interview within a couple of weeks.

Here it is, Dr Jackson interviewed by Mikael from Swebbtv, produced by Swebbtv in Sweden: