Swedish press most left wing in Europe. Explains many Swedish tragedies!


This website www.jajj.se (Jackson jagar journalister is translated Jackson hunts journalists) started because Swedish journalizts just interviewed communiztic doctors like Henry Ascher and Anders Hjern in the big debate occuring in Sweden about the cause to a strange and extremely serious life-threatening condition among children to asylum-seeking adult refugees.

The children became lifeless, tubefed, immobile, mutistic, wearing diapers, etc for months and years when the families application for asylum was rejected.  Many children were sent in ambulances to children intensive care units.

The red doctors told it was a disease and traffickers were innocent.  The blue doctors, conservative like myself told the children are manipulated by adults and suffer tremendously in this cruel theater. But blue doctors were labelled xenophobic and nazi by Swedish red media so of course the politicians and health staff had to listen to the red doctors – and the catastrophe continues still today 2017, it started 2001-2002 and refugee children in Sweden is suffering in the most painful way.

Mr President Trump! Please come and tell the truth that because of Swedish medias fake news the worlds biggest copycat epidemic ever takes place in Sweden – year after year. And the children are suffering beyound words when they are starved by restricted tubfeeding by traffickers that know that if the childs condition become life-threatening they get asylum. Some children might have died rumours tell. But fake-news media dont mention to the Swedish public that these so called MAL-BP assaults do exist in medical literature.