The Catastrophic Lies in this Book by the Fraudster Gellert Tamas might have tortured and killed many innocent children

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Picture above: The Fraudster Gellert Tamas responsible for FAKE NEWS creating Worlds largest Copycat Epidemic on Asylum seeking Children


If anyone wants to understand why the cruel malingering by proxy epidemic termed ”Swedens apathetic children or resignated children” continues in Sweden year after year  one must know about a hughly celebrated book The Apathetic by Gellert Tamas published 2008. This book was intensively promoted by Swedish State Television as THE TRUTH ABOUT THE COMATOUS LIFELESS AND TUBEFED REFUGEE CHILDREN.

Critics harassed by public services                                                                                                         Doctors, journalists and others with critical opinions about the book were downgraded, mocked and looked upon as moral inferiors. The intensive promotion of the book by Swedish State TV and Swedish State Radio and furthermore public service branding of its opponents as nazis or xenophobics scared everyone including health staff, journalists and all but two whistleblowing doctors to silence. Public services position is of course the key to understand why the lies could go on year after year. Tamas has many leftish friends among the State owned public services companies SVT and SR that might to some extent have used Tamas unexperience in medicine and journalism in shooting the messengers. Tamas has no education neither in medicine nor in journalism. He has just a degree from primary school and has then developed a writing skill based on a black and white world where he regards himself, although being Hungarian, as an instrument for the Swedish soul – he has told so in public interviews. He is a kind of archetype for a parasitic psychopath winning fame and money from degrading people. His business idea is to intimidate people in his writings, thereby satisfying the hyenas in the Swedish press and not caring about the results.

Just two whistleblowing doctors stood firm. One now deceased.                                               These two doctors were intensively harassed in Swedish media which is well known being the most leftish and biased in the free world and according to opinion polls the most despised by its own population. The harassment continued year after year but these two whistleblowing doctors did not give up and their resistance resulted in keeping the flame of truth alive in Sweden. In fact one of them actually joined a nazi group for one month in a dramatic move just to get public attention. Like in a highly dramatic movie. This is now a court case at Stockholm District Court where the whistleblowing doctor is suing some journalists for smearing him with ”making diagnoses from a nationalsocialistic perspective”. This legal process is the only way to go the whistleblowing doctor tells the world – Swedish media and journalism has totally neglected the truth in this humanitarian catastrophe.   ”Never change a good story” is their leading slogan. And Tamas story was good.

Tamas is a fraudster and a hoax                                                                                                            In his book he tells the reader that he himself is a  hero, that the whistleblowers are nazis, and that adult asylum seekers and traffickers are totally innocent. Although in reality traffickers and adult asylum seekers are behind this severe child abuse.  It is a good story, a story all communizts, liberals and journalists in Sweden wanted to hear – but it is TOTALLY false.

                               Picture shows Gellert Tamas eager to impress – what a joke

Tamas version of the disaster was accepted for years as a masterpiece of journalism. He was celebrated and given public services finest awards like the Ikaros Prize, he was appointed guest professor at Gothenburg School of Journalism, he was invited to churches and libraries to give speeches about his book The Apathetic.

Gellert Tamas got it all wrong                                                                                                                 There was just one problem. Gellert Tamas got it all wrong from the very first moment. Namely. When he by the asylum seeking ill childrens family lawyers was given permission to read some confidential medical records he found that nowhere in the medical records any discussions were made about malingering. And of course he took this as proof that not ANY kind of malingering or the terrible commando syndrome malingering by proxy took place.  What he did not understand was that Swedish medical doctors by tradition never write about malingering in medical records as that is regarded as very rude AND that malingering by proxy at that moment Tamas began his research was UNHEARD of among Swedish doctors.

THEREFORE TAMAS THOUGHT THAT THE GOVERNMENTAL INVESTIGATION AND WHISTLEBLOWERS, THAT TRIED TO WARN THE PUBLIC AND OFFICIALS THAT THE CHILDREN WERE VICTIMS OF MANIPULATION, ALL WERE CONSPIRING AGAINST THE CHILDREN – and so did after Tamas false version of the story all in the public believe and so did 99% of Swedish journalists that  celebrated Tamas as a hero believe.  Tamas  phantasies all turned into a book where Tamas constructed a fascinating story how a minister and a government cooperated with nazis to expell tubefed children in life threatening conditions on stretchers and in wheelchairs – out of the country of Sweden.

Today the establishment is silent                                                                                                          The last big review article by Karl Sallin et Al published in the journal Frontiers in Behaviour Neuroscience January 2016 by scientist at the well known Karolinska Institute opens again up for parental dysfunction. Like the State Investigation year 2006 did.

Gellert Tamas today knows that he was  wrong. But he stays silent pretending everything is as it used to be. And by the way, he just read the medical records – and reported what he read. So he might get away with it.   Why should he be blamed for Swedish pediatricians lack of diagnostic knowledge?

Anyway. His next book wont be about nazis infiltrating Karolinska Institute or influencing  Karl Sallin M.D. that wrote about parental dysfunction in the comprehensive article in Fronters in Behavioural Neurosciences called ”Resignation Syndrome. Catathonic? Culturebound?” and published January 2016.    Tamas today is severely weakened. Many of his journalistic and pediatric friends know today about Tamas bias. But Tamas pretends its just raining.

But, by the way. Nothing in Sweden is surprising any longer. All of a sudden the female bosses at Swedish public service, there are no male bosses in Swedish public service any longer,  might invite Tamas as a specialist critising Karl Sallin et al´s article and denying Karl any possibility to respond – as the feministic TV- bosses usually do when they dont like a politician or a person in general. And they are too mediocre to understand the consequences.

Tragically Tamas lies are sadly alive and well in Sweden                                                                It takes time, perhaps a generation, to de-brainwash the public back to reality. Children still suffer because of Tamas. He was the so called journalist  without any medical or journalistic education, who used the chaotic situation in Sweden for his own plans and invented a story to suit his and his partners greed for fame and money.  And he was extremely successful.

Everyone believed him because nobody could ever imagine that anyone could lie like Tamas did. He lied better than Bernie Madoff and Bagdad Bob – and he caused a disaster to Sweden of that dimension so many tell this was the defining moment for Sweden – after Tamas horrific lies Sweden would never be the same.  After Gellert Tamas lies and the political correct establishments acceptance of his lies it became accepted to lie about anything.

And Swedish idiots among the critics give Tamas high appraisal. Lies from the author, lies from the critics, and the suffering for the children just goes on and on in Sweden – the country of cowards and idiots. Read the ad but please dont buy the book. Let us instead try to put Tamas in jail.

Summary:  There are now and then articles all over the world that ask themselves why is the apathetic epidemic occuring only in Sweden? The answer is that nowhere else in the world is the naivity flourishing more than among the feministic oligarchs in Swedish media. Here truth is secondary to feelings when observing and reporting about the world.