The Child Tormentor Jan Helin new Director at Swedish State Television hoaxed on TV

The well known child tormentor Mr Jan Helin. Recently sad to say appointed director on Marxistic Swedish State TV.

Bildresultat för jan helin bilder


With evident autistic personality traits, a man that through his cheap journalizm and autistic cognitive functions lacking empathy has provoked severe child abuse by shadowing important medical facts related to an issue where Swedish doctors lacked knowledge makes a fool of himself on Swedish public service where he quarrels with his own staff.

His autism makes him ideal for ”the opinion corridor” implementation in Swedish public service. Now he tries to run Swedish TV like he ran Aftonbladet, also called ”Evening whore” by Swedes in common.  He was appointed by a super marxist Hanna Stjärne.

FYI: Jan Helin will be taken to court again within the coming 6 months for telling to the Swedish public that severe torture on refugee children do not exist although its according to all expertise do exist. To make a very long story short Mr Helin told MAL-BP

was an invention by nazis, i.e. pure wet phantasies by the diabolic Helin whose publications provoked adult asylum seeking refugees to commit severe crimes on innocent children i.e. adults on purpose made the children severely ill as Swedish law says that adult asylum seekers in the company of very ill children have right to asylum together with the child.