The European Medicines Agency rejects Stockholm after Karolinska Institutes Scandals?

The European Medicines Agency E.M.A. will move their headquarter away from London due to Brexit. Many cities now compete to be EMA:s next host. Stockholm is eager to show the agency how being linked to the wellknown medical research institute named Karolinska Institute in Stockholm will add a lot of advantages to EMA. So might very well be the case but concern has been raised regarding three aspects related to the moral integrity of the wellknow and prestigious institute.


1. The Macchiarini scandal 2012-2016.

Karolinska Institute recommended plastic throats to be implanted in patients without making sure that all preclinical tests were made. No patient survived and it is proven that the institutes experiments were based on fraud. The disaster could continue at least one year longer than necessary because four thoracic surgeons that tried to whistleblow were seriously neglected. For seven months the whistleblowers wrote to the management that not answered the whistleblowers letters but showed them compact silence even though the four whistleblowers worked at Karolinska Hospital just across the road 200 yards from the managements offices. And after seven months the Karolinska Institutes leadership instead of listening to them they threatened to report them to the police.  The scandalous behaviour of Karolinska Institute might very well be explained by the enormous market for plastic organs that could develop especially in China where the institute had built a business network for plastic organs.


2. The resignation syndrome scandal 2002-2017.

This scandal has been discussed in British Medical Journal 1st December 2008   but whereas the Macchiarini scandal was disclosed by Swedish public service this time intensive lobbying from Karolinska Institute lead the journalists astray.  There are information that some pediatricians wanted to treat unconscious asylum seeking children in private care homes for financial reasons and therefore fooled the journalists that they had discovered a new syndrom, a resignation syndrome. This resignation syndrome might very well  be the end stage of severe medical neglicence caused by false information from traffickers to pediatricians that prescribe tube feeding. Some children might have died due to restricted tube feeding. Up to ten thousend (10.000) children might be victims during this 15 year period when Sweden has had an enormous immigration.


3. Management culture.  

When some Swedish doctors tried to whistleblow regarding the resignation syndrome they were labelled ignorant and unskilled by a pediatrician that is regarded as an antisemite by the Israeli Embassador in Stockholm. The leadership of Karolinska Institute received several letters from whistleblowers but used the same method that they used in the Macchiarini affair i.e. silence. They did not answer even when the letters were registered with compulsory order to sign a receipt and send back the receipts. No receipts were sent back.  This issue caused by the famous institute is still under the carpet and should be addressed  internationally. But some phenomenon in our world seems just too problematic and too difficult to discuss.  You can find a good review article if you google ”Only in Sweden? But why?”.       Link:


Conclusion:   One might wonder if the bureaucratic culture at Karolinska Institute to confront people, or rather not confront them, that try to raise concern will be beneficial to EMA.   How would Karolinska Institute react if some doctors or other health staff raised concern regarding serious fraud in pre clinical testing of drugs? Espcecially if that did not gain the financial interests of the Karolinska Insitute. The new vice-chancellor Ole Petter Otterssen head-hunted from Oslo might get a tough start. He has already neglected letters.   He also has a background from the controversial Bilderberg meetings wchich are well known for their non-transparency policies. Will Ottersen have the so much sought after moral integrity the prestigious institutes is so much in need for? Or will he practise the culture of Bilderberg meetings at his new work. If he does he probably will feel much at home. But the scandal of resignation syndrome where severe child abuse disguised to medical treatment under the home made Swedish diagnosis of F32.3A, probably one of the worlds biggest medical scandals ever, may wait around the corner.