The New Yorker sacrifices Children to make good Stories

Let me first of all tell this:


Crystal-clear MAL-BP

Swedens so called apathetic refugee children epidemic 2002-2017 described in The New Yorker website 27th March 2017 is crystal clear malingering by proxy (MAL-BP) i.e. severe maltreatment and abuse where the sufferings of some children are tremendous.

The pediatricians that are given false information from adults accompaigning the child or traffickers are lured into treating these children medically most of all with tube-feeding. The ways to manipulate the child, in 99% of the cases between 8-15 years of age are as many as there are children. Most upsetting are the cruel ways where children on purpose have been raped, forced to stay mutistic in beds, not allowed to move, wearing diapers for years until they get their asylum as the adult have to make the child as weak and ill as possible because according to Swedish law only a very ill and weak child will be granted asylum if there are no other grounds for asylum.


Responsible Doctors cant admit their diagnostic mistakes

The medical establishment in Sweden responsible for NOT intervening cant today admit that they have been too passive because then they fear legal consequences. And international shame and rage. The phenomenon apathetic refugee children in Sweden corresponds in many aspects to Gulag-camps or ww2-koncentration camps. I talk here about the severe cases where children have been starved for months by restricted tube-feeding by sadistic adults that administrates the nourishment in their refugee homes to make the child as weak as possible without killing it because then they lose their chance to asylum.


The New Yorkers totally failed journalism

The New Yorker, which normally stands for well respected journalism, has published 27th March on the internet and will publish 3rd of April they say (today is 31st of March) one more article about this issue about Swedens apathetic refugee children.

The New Yorker totally sweep under the carpet these severe crimes against humanity. I have read the article published 27th of March which is full of distorsions, lies and inadequate information that in itself will STIMULATE even more assault on these extra vulnerable refugee children. In short – The New Yorker stimulates trafficers to continue this cruel epidemic.

Probably the only way to make The New Yorkers editors and journalists to understand what they are writing about would be to force them to mutism, immobility, wearing old diapers in bed and tube-feeding for months (cases like this was described year 2005 by Swedish Migration Department but deemed xenophobic by Swedish ludicrous journalists and difficult to proof beyond doubt when taken to Swedish courts by the State) so perhaps they would understand.

Rachel Aviv, the misguided journalist that has written the article in The New Yorker should know that the cases she met in Sweden are hand picked for obvious reasons. She did not see the child that year 2011 was told to have died in the ambulance during transportation between the flat, that the adult refugees used for restricted tube feeding on the refugee child, and Örebro University Hospitals children intensive care unit. I have tried to get this terrible case verified, a psyhologist at the hospital told me about it, but its impossible to get information as medical confidentiality rules.