The Situation in Sweden getting too chaotic and dangerous. Therefore I end my blogg, Twitter and other social media

Dear readers,

these last days we have had four bombs exploding in public areas in cities like Malmö and Gothenburg.

In addition we have severe problems with returning ISIS -jihadists, gang shootings, gang rapes and increased unrest in our society.

I believe the situation is that serious and that there exists a risk that democracy might be lost in the decades to come unless there is a change of politics. Because of the gravity of the situation I believe we must minimize the risk for sparks in social media that might start an even more increasing chaos and  unforeseeable future. Therefore I believe that our democraticly  elected politicians should for the nearest future to come approach the Swedish difficulties more ambitiously with greater courage and not avoid sensitive areas like mass immigration and Swedens totally failed integration.

My contribution is to stay quiet. And let our elected leaders do their job.