The Unbelievable Epidemic of State Funded Refugee Children Torture continues in Sweden

Swedish Public Service i.e. SVT and SR still denies the unbelievable hoax they spread when they stated that so called apathetic refugee children in Sweden are not severely abused. When in fact some are beaten to death by adult traffickers and adult asylum seekers if the children dont obey order to stay absolutely silent and ordered to dont move when doctors visit them. Doctors that raise concern are called nazis by a unanimous Swedish press.

Here is another cruel case this spring

Below you can read what international experts on medical child abuse state about the tragedy. Please notice that these are private letters to Dr Jackson and not complete but we are sure the authors of these letters dont mind that we publish them in the interest of these poor children.


  1. Judith Libow PhD, psychologist. She has written about medical child abuse for Oxford University Press.
  2. Professor Bryan Lask UK that clearly states that the refugee children probably are victims of Malingering by Proxy like the Swedish State Investigation showed but journalist made the state investigation a laughing stock
  3. Professor Marc Feldman. Well known expert in USA. Marc has been interviewed by CNN, Larry King Show, BBC mm.
  4. Director at Evidence Based Medicine LTD Thomas Jackson MD, PhD in his pioneer article in Sweden about Malingering by Proxy in Sweden. Swedish doctors had never heard about induced or fabricated illness in children. The article rendered Dr Jackson to be called a nazi.