Therefore Sweden must be divided in one conservative and one islamic/multicultural state

There exists an ongoing tragedy in Western societies and that is the abscence of sound debate. This because media channels are dominated by a pro-multicultural agenda.   Many people in Swedens today very diversed population feel  extremely repressed by medias biased agenda. The wrath is growing.

Sweden has in a democratic way, which must be respected, welcomed over a million muslim immigrants and many other religions. Today it seems many Swedes get second thoughts if this was the best way to promote happiness and life quality for Swedes in Sweden. Almost 25% of the Swedes vote in different polls for Sverigedemokraterna, a neonazi party. Muslims dont like to go to church, they have other opinions about food, how women should dress etc.   Many Swedes are extremely irritated about this. There is an increasing tension in the Swedish society, christians are fleeing from some areas. And existing Swedish media refuse to admit that christianity and islam might be incompatible.

My hope is that the citizens of Sweden will become more realistic about what is going on, i.e. it seems to be impossible to integrate the extremely secular society of Sweden with the muslim moderate population in Sweden in the same way as secularism and christianity live side by side.  But many people believe that is possible, actually very easy. They believe its just a matter of time and social reconstruction. I dont agree.

My suggestion is therefore, to make everyone as happy as possible, that Sweden ought to be split in two totally different states:

  1. One conservative nationalistic state for Swedes that want to keep the traditional Swedish way of living. No multiculturalists or muslims should be allowed here because then we soon will have the same cultural clash again.
  2. And another islamic/multicultural state for all people that enjoy islam and multiculturalism. No christians should be allowed in here unless they really are accepted by the muslims.

I know that many laugh at me writing this. Many might believe I have got  a screw loose. Well, it might be so. But I am really really worried that unless we in time dont make a civilized and political decision about dividing Sweden in two totally separate countries we will within 30 years from now have a civil war in Sweden.   I actually prefer a political solution without bloodshed.