This article will be included in a police report against Karolinska Institute. Karolinska Institute will be asked about their opinion?


This new diagnostic entity, a severe variant of Malingering by Proxy/MAL-BP, will when time is mature i.e. after all political correctness that inflamed the tragedy has faded away, have its name changed to Swedish-MAL-BP-syndrome or Vegetetative/Resignated MAL-BP syndrome, according to the wish of Dr Jackson. But for public reasons it is still labelled Jackson MAL-BP-Syndrome as everyone in Sweden knows how close Dr Jackson is connected to this concept and has been villified for standing up for this diagnosis or situation that the children are victims of.

Below and after the text and youtube interviw with Dr Jackson and professor Marc Feldman you find pictures of some very few of the suffering children.

Jackson Mal-BP-syndrome is a syndrome conceived and described first time by Swedish-American-English medical doctor Thomas Jackson in an article 18th of January 2006 in Swedens biggest medical weekly paper Dagens Medicin.

Thousends of refugee children were fed by tubes, in catatonic states, for years waiting for asylum. The labour government raised concern the epidemic might be severe child abuse was fiercly attacked by media, by Christian Democrats, Green Party, Communist Party, Liberals and Center Party. The Conservatives had divided opinions but under their new leader Fredrik Reinfelt they agreed with the Green Party, Communists and others that this enigmatic illness was a so called late onset post traumatic stress disorder. A result from experiencing traumatic events in the country the children with their families fled from. Albeit when the children arrived in Sweden they were healthy. But when their family were not given asylum – they fell into a state of coma.

Jackson Mal-BP-syndrome is an exceptionally malign subvariant of malingering by proxy on children. I.e. clear cut child abuse. In fact the term ”Commando Syndrome” has been suggested for the illness because it is clear that the children in most cases are obeying orders and develop a hysterical paralytic resignated state because of the severe anxiety and uncertainty they suffer from by being coerced into a MAL-BP situation. The resignated syndrome is charachterised by mutism, immobility and passivity which most often develop parallel to tube feeding for years.

In Sweden an epidemic of this syndrome started year 1998 among children to asylum-seeking families and ran totally out of control as doctors that tried to raise concern were intensively counteracted and described as racists by both Swedish media and pediatricians in charge for the treatment of these children.

And therefore nobody listened to the whistleblowers. Thats why the epidemic still today December 2018 continues. Today around 30 asylum seeking children aged 8-15 years lie immobile and tubefed in Swedish Hospitals waiting for asylum. What is extremely worrying are blood samples from the children show extreme values of stress hormones which indicates that the children are under intensive suffering both psychological and somatic.




Malingering by Proxy is well described in a review article in Journal of Forensic Sciences November 2015:

Jackson-Mal-BP-syndrome was initially described under the heading ”Group Malingering by Proxy” in Swedens medical newspaper Dagens Medicin (eng. Todays Medicine) 18th of January 2006. This diagnosis was welcomed and referred to by a Labour Government Public Inquiry SOU 2006:49, see page 26

and after this publication was spread over Sweden the epidemic of comatose refugee children disappeared for a period of approximately one year.

This state investigation was though one year later extremely critisised by Swedish Public Service and other Swedish media for being xenophobic. And political consensus shifted towards opinions that doctors and professors from the Karolinska Institute (Nobel Prize Institute) held. Karolinska Institute namely made incomprehensible statements that researchers at the institute had discovered a new kind of pervasive refusal syndrome among asylum children.

And not only denied every possibility of malingering by proxy but even taunted and harassed colleagues that believed so. This meant a shift in public opinion.  So. The world famous medical research institute Karolinska told that the children suffered from a disease. And tragically (but not surprisingly) the epidemic started up again. In some ways it actually seems like the shift away from SOU 2006:49 legitimated the epidemic (abuse according to Dr. Jackson) to start up again as every health professional that supported the state investigation were by Swedish press branded as suffering from xenophobia. I.e. it became immoral to support SOU 2006:49.



Dr. Jacksons Hypothesis

Criminal adults, according to Dr. Jackson, encourage, coach or coerce children to act according to instructions. This situation in Sweden developed into a tragedy of thousands of asylum seeking children developing real comatose states while their families or adults in their company waited for asylum. Probable because in the early states of this severe parental illness coaching or abuse no one understands, not even the perpetrators, that prolonged coerced tube feeding has severe adverse effects. Especially for vulnerable children that are under pressure from sadistic, unscrupulous or harsh adults. Many children also seem to be victims of starvation as asylum-seeking adults that are responsible for tubefeeding the Children in their temporary asylum homes seem to reduce the calorie intake through the tubes resulting in severe weight loss. Some children loose up 30% of their weight, almost dying. There are reports that some children have died because of resignation syndrome or apathy. Probably starved to death by traffickers that pursued their role too harsh. And no doctor can raise concern because then they are described as nazis or the like in Swedish media and lose their jobs.

The syndrome appeared as an epidemic in Sweden year 2001 and still this very day year 2018 continues because of disagreements among doctors about its etiology. Most children wake up from their coma when asylum is granted but some seem not to regain normal conscious levels. According to Swedish immigration laws a very ill child grants the whole family asylum which might be the explanation to why adults induce illness in their children. Some children, a majority og gipsy origin, seem to be used as medical slaves to bring enormous sums of money to their family. Just one child that is apathetic can bring £300.000 or appr. 400000 (four hundred thousend USD) in paid out salaries to the family that are employed 24/7 to help the child. Dr Jackson has witnessed and confronted cases like this himself and denied illness certificate. The family then went to another psychiatrist, now a member of the Swedish Assembly of Psychiatrists, that fully suported the families false claims.   Former chairman of Swedish Assembly of Psychiatrists Liselott Risö-Bergerlind has totally supported all these years the journalist Gellert Tamas false stories that were a scoop for Swedish public service. So the myth that Swedens apathetic children have an illness, that they are not abused in any way, has strong support in Swedish establishment all the way from Karolinska Institute, to Swedish public service to clinical psychiatrists. That´s why this might be the biggest medical scandal that ever has taken place.

Except from the extraordinary situation described above Jackson-Mal-BP-Syndrome is characterised by doctors and hospitals treating the children become totally unwilling to discuss even the possibility that the children might be victims of illness falsification or malingering by proxy. Despite compelling evidences. This might be explained by legal circumstances because doctors and hospitals risk being taken to court for being an active part in severe iatrogenic child abuse if the hypothesis of malingering by proxy is discussed, or disclosed. In other words – a criminal act is at hand.


So it develops into a kind of momentum Dr. Jackson has chosen to call 3+3 for the child:

Phase 1

Involves the first clinical investigations until a treatment plan is established

1.The adult caretakers give false information to doctors.
2. The doctors accept the false information and act according to them in good faith.   3. Everyone else, health staff and the public automatically accept the situation as it is strictly taboo to even entertain the notion that someone on purpose abuses a child in front of a doctor as this in itself means that the doctor is taking part, passively, in child abuse. The doctors authority actually legitimates the ongoing situation and thereby facilitates the child abuse. It surely seems like traffickers and human smugglers have found a loophole for child abuse. Especially as Swedish media accuse all that raise concern regarding this cruel theater for being racists or nazis. The children are therefore in a gridlock. A truly unbelievable situation. A situation with untold suffering for the worst affected Children.

Phase 2

Explains why the assault continues albeit the patient just get worse

1. The adult caretakers have difficulties confessing  their forgery. Due to fear of punishment. Or fear of losing economic benefits that is granted to caretakers of ill Children and not yet achieved.
2. The doctor has difficulties raising concerns after a while, this because of the same reason as the caretakers i.e. fears to be punished for misdiagnosis and iatrogenic and traumatising treatment.
3. Health staff and public that watch the scenario from outside have difficulties to whistleblow because of fear of being condemned for premature actions that perhaps cause the death of a child.

So the child victim is trapped in a vicious circle. The more dramatically ill the child becomes the more taboo it becomes to alarm. A truly paradoxical and utmost tragic situation.
Here you can hear an interview, April 2017, with Dr. Jackson and professor Feldman:


If my way of reasoning is without common sense, without psychological or medical sense – please give me feedback by sending an email to or call Gustaf Nasstrom on phone number 0047-98189351.

Sincerely Yours
Gustaf Nasstrøm

According to information from SKL (Swedish Counties and Cities National Association) the costs for inpatient care for each of these apathetic children are 1100-1400 USD/per day and average treatment duration is 14 days.
Which corresponds to 9000-13000 SEK per day.
Se below, language unfortunately Swedish but the content corresponds to what here is mentioned.


[PDF] Lek är viktig för barns utveckling « Flyktingbloggensverigemotrasism.se787 × 1190Søk med bilde

… tanke på vilka vårdkostnader SKL räknar för apatiska barn, dygnskostnad 9000-13.000 kr dygn med en vårdtid i genomsnitt 14 dagar, blir besparingen stor men …

Here are some pictures from the epidemic:


Below: Sitting on a park bench. The ”journalist” behind the lies Gellert Tamas. He was given a mission from Swedish Public Service i.e. Swedish State Television to investigate the epidemic of unconscious refugee children. Tamas told he found no child abuse and everyone believed him except all those that tried to raise concern and therefore by Tamas were branded xenophobic and racists. So the tragedy continues because of this very ”journalist”. Of course he was helped to spread his false story by national media. So he is not the only one to blame. But how come that Swedish public service gave a scrutinizing task like this to a person without any medical training?  It has lately, fall 2016, come to daylight that he also lacks journalistic education or professional journalistic training. This was unknown even for journalists at public service. But no one can admit this today. They are too embarrassed. Gellert Tamas is just a wannabe-journalist which makes the scandal even bigger. Swedish media is of course dead silent about this. Anyway. When the Tamas story was fresh 99% of Swedish media and journalists loved his story and celebrated Tamas as a hero. For them today to admit that Tamas is a classical trickster and themselves victims of a staged hoax from traffickers are unthinkable! And its probably even more difficult for the famous Nobel Prize Karolinska Institute to admit that they have been swindled by human traffickers.

The mass hysteria and psychosis in Sweden even led to a play ”Apathy for beginners” performed by the State funded National Theater organisation Riksteatern. You see the actors below. This play hail Tamas as a hero and makes a fool of the Migration Minister Barbro Holmberg (who by the way is ex mother-in-law to the golfer Tiger Woods)



Köp boken Copycatbarnen! Dr Jackson skriver hur SVT hur mörklagt sanningen om de grymma övergreppen på de apatiska flyktingbarnen.