This is why I stop using Twitter, this blogg and my personal blogg – it is simply difficult to combine with my profession

Dear reader,

This is why I stop using Twitter, this blogg and my personal blogg – it is simply difficult to combine with my profession as a medical doctor.

This fall I will work together with staff from a University in Oslo and we will also apply for research funds from Vetenskapsrådet in Stockholm

which is the major research funding institution in Sweden. Our research team, there are today three of us, has been welcomed to send an application related to research on the epidemic of apathetic refugee children in Sweden.

I stopped using Twitter 31 st of July, i.e. 11 days ago. I now hereby will end my work on this blogg and on my personal blogg


Well, as stated above it is difficult to combine these social media with my profession.  Facebook is easier to combine with my work because it gives better opportunities to explain issues in details and reduces the risk of misinterpretation and misunderstandings to a public arena. I am a very traditional christian conservative person that believes strongly in representative parliamentary principles and I assess the issue of apathetic refugee children has been too politicized in Sweden.  Honestly, I have never politicized it.   Swedish public services did that. And I tried for many years to lift the science behind MAL-BP but was consistantly ignored.   Then I provoked the establishment which actually in the long run created a situation that meant  I in court could hear the views of the Board of Swedish Doctors Association that UNDER OATH AND CRYSTAL CLEAR told that I did nothing wrong when I raised concern that the apathetic children in Sweden might be victims in a malingering by proxy situation.

So I am thankful to Swedish Doctors Association but disappointed at Swedish media that I had to go all the way to a legal court hearing. This because Swedish media had told the opposite since 2006 until this very day i.e. that it was wrong of Dr Jackson to raise concern.   And isn´t worth raising an eye-brow that Swedish media has until this very day, Sunday 11th of August 2019, not published one word that I got support from Swedish Doctors Association. Why didn´t they publish anything about this? Well, of course because it did not fit their their story that ”extremists influenced a state investigation with fake diagnostics”.  This FAKE NEWS STORY rewarded Swedish State Television Prizes and admiration from their colleagues, artists and actors all over Sweden. And let us say that I, whom they depicted as an ignorant extremist, really am a xenophobic extremist – how on earth would media then describe the epidemic in a truthful way ”A xenophobic extremist gets total support from Swedens Doctors Association when he sacrifies his career to save refugee children”?    That would be quite a challenge – or what do you think?

So. Swedish media stick to the old principle ”Never change a good story”. Well, I am happy to say the last word is not said and Swedish media seem to be pretty cornered today – and so might even Karolinska Institute be.

I am very thankful to Twitter, other internet platforms and Facebook that I have not one single time had my account closed or criticized.   It is actually thanks to Facebook, Twitter and other internet companies that have empowered me and provided me with possibilities to communicate that I have got energy to continue research and produce articles about a very sad aspect of clinical medicine i.e. that some children are in a MAL-BP situation.  And not only in Sweden where it turned into an epidemic but all over the world.

So, I will continue to be on Facebook which will be my only personal platform. But I dont know how much. Time will show.

Sincerely yours

Dr Thomas GA Jackson