Today is my Name Day

Dear English reader,

this blog had never started if it were not for the lies, misunderstandings or propaganda Swedish Television and Swedish Radio started to broadcast year 2006. The subject was the strange epidemic of thousends of unconscious refugee children.

In very very short version: Swedish doctors and pediatricians told the epidemic was caused by assaults on the children in the country they fled from. This was broadcasted for three years 2002-2005 until I told that the epidemic is caused by so called malingering by proxy situations in Sweden (for information please google ”MAL-BP Marc Feldman” and you will find a review article re this phenomenon) where pediatricians and other health staff are lured into the situation. Doctors are lured to maltreat or start medical negligence activities on the child. And this is worsened by  Swedish journalists writing and publishing  about the epidemic in a way that creates copycats.

When I told this I became hated not only by my colleagues but also by Swedish journalists that called me xenophob, right wing extremist, incompetent and nazi.  And this without any reason because I have always been a very strict and reliable conservative i.e. a good democrat. The allegations did not diminish when the only people in Sweden that had the courage to agree with me were right wing extremists and national socialists. So it all turned into a real mess.

So to make my voice heard I started this blog. I know it has been primitive, aggressive and the like but please remember my situation. I was totally fed up with these disgusting lies from Swedish media. I had to fight back and I have done that sometimes not in perfect balance and sometimes too rude. But please remember the slogan of this blog ”Psychotherapeutic Forum for People traumatized by Journalists”.

Today is my name day. My name is Thomas Gustaf Adolf Jackson and today in Sweden is the day of Gustaf Adolf, Swedens warrior king that made Sweden to the superpower of Northern Europe in the 17th century. So, in other words, having that name of course 😉 I will continue to fight journalists, cowardly doctors and immature politicians and other people that forget that an open and fair debate where truth is at the center is the best pulse for building a great country, a fair society and solidarity between countries in our world.

I hope to start another blog with a more decent manner in some days. I will advertise the new blog on this blogg when it has started.  This new blog will be in a more kind and polite manner than this. Somewhat more like it probably had been if not Swedish doctors and journalists had year 2006 begun to desinform themselves and the rest of the world about the epidemic.