Translation of Severe Allegations of Research Negligence directed towards world famous Karolinska Institute

Today 12/11/2018 a letter from Dr Jacksons Child Protection Charity was posted to world famous KAROLINSKA INSTITUTE in Stockholm.


Below you find a copy of the letter, double click for enlarged copy, and here the translation:


Dr Jacksons Child Protection Charity

                  Protecting doctors means child protection 1/12/11/2018

To: Karolinska Institute Registration Office and copy to Solicitor Eva Jonsson at KI Law Office.


Report regarding Research Negligence at Departments of Karolinska Institute


Persons e.g. Göran Bodegård, Per Anders Rydelius and others at Karolinska Institute have since year 2002 done research examining what causes the in media thoroughly discussed enigmatic ”apathetic children epidemic”. The epidemic is in a documentary from BBC called ”Swedens Mystery Illness”.

Undersigned has previously in an article published in Medicine Today (swe. Dagens Medicin) 18th January 2006 raised concern that the children might be victims of abuse in a complicated situation that now is gaining more scientific appreciation than before. The situation is today named malingering by proxy, abbreviated MAL-BP. This concept was referred to in a Swedish State Investigation, SOU 2006:49, year 2006 about the ”apathetic children”. This investigation quoted undersigned discussing Malingering by Proxy.  The journal Scientific American Psychiatry stated year 2017 that ”malingering by proxy” is not a medical diagnosis but child abuse. A criminal act.

Some world leading authorites, on this very special and difficult area of research, like professor Bryan Lask/UK, professor Marc Feldman/USA and Judith Libow/USA have in writing told undersigned that many of the children surely seem to be in a painful MAL-BP situation. I have in several writings to researchers at Karolinska Institute informed about this but have not been listened to. In fact I have sent several registered letters with receipts to former vice-chancellor Anders Hamsten but not been successful in obtaining the receipts back.

Researchers at Karolinska Institute have never endeavored themselves in their research to even discuss MAL-BP as a plausible explanation to the children with resignation/apathetic syndrome although the resignated/apathetic state well corresponds to the terminal state of prolonged child abuse.

Undersigned move for that Karolinska Institute explains to undersigned why relevant scientific articles that today exist relating  to MAL-BP not are discussed in Karolinska Institutes research regarding the apathetic children epidemic in Sweden.

Please pay attention to the fact that two of the previous vice-chancellors at Karolinska Institute were in question in the Macchiarini scandal, and they are the ones that undersigned have tried, in vain, to raise concerns why MAL-BP not have been discussed.

If I dont receive a relevant response I will report the present vice-chancellor and present directors for Karolinska Institute to the police.

Stockholm 12th November 2018

Thomas Jackson  mobile 0046705093176

Director Dr Jacksons Child Protection Charity


Postboks 148,

2241 Magnor,