Twitter poll: Three times more support Dr Jackson than support Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfvén – 307 votes counted

This Twitter poll run for 24 hours in Sweden.  Twitter followers (2140) voted what alternativ they regarded as true and correct.

Swedish Prime Minister told: ”The poison of nationalism must be stopped”

Dr Jackson told:   ”The poison of socialism must be stopped”


Result:  75%  of 307 voted for Dr Jackson

               25% of 307 voted for Swedish Prime Minister



Poll i Swedish 08/02/2019 below:


Dr.ThomasJackson KKP-konservatism klassisk
‏ @ebmpsykiatri

Stefan Löfvén säger: Nationalismens gift måste stoppas!
Dr Jackson säger: Socialismens gift måste stoppas!

22:24 – 8 feb. 2019
75%Dr Jackson
25%Stefan Löfvén
307 röster•Slutresultat