Uigurian and Romani Children Victims in Swedens Apathetic Epidemic

In Sweden the first cases of malingering by proxy started around 1998. Lifeless, mutistic, immobile and tubefed asylum children in diapers aged 6-18 years were in bed for years in this vegetative state. There are suspicions some have been starved to death by traffickers.

The State Investigation SOU 2006:49 showed that many children victims were by Uigurian and Romani ethnicity.

Over the years probably as many as 5000-10000 children have been victims in this malingering by proxy (abbreviated MAL-BP please google this) situation. The purpose for this starvation is either asylum or health care benefits. Namely, if a child is very ill Swedish law tells the child with its family is eligible for asylum and/or large amounts of health care benefts.