WARNING FOR SWEDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From today 15th of July 2020 this blog will be more active.

WARNING FOR SWEDEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why? Well, the situation in Sweden is changing rapidly i.e. islam is taking over, I have warned all conservative  Christians to flee the country because resistence is meaningless. The situation is much much worse than people, even politicians, journalists and civil servants in general understand.

The basic problem is that the germano-bolzjeviks that run Swedish media especially what is called public service (should be called ”public suicide” instead) dont even have the slightest clue how to address the issues, the problems and the chaos. They are, sincerely, too brain-washed with their own sick agenda.

In some way though the present germano-boljzeviks in the Labour Party and the Green Party i.e. original Swedes that have lost all faith in Jesus Christ, are that hopelessly stupid so I dont exclude that the Swedish society might become a better and more safe society under moderate muslim rule.  The rape rate, bomb explosions, arsons, killings of elderly people with morphine suffering from corona-virus, coerced malingering on resignated/apathetic refugee children starved to apathy and death (a movie about them was even Oscar nominated by some jerks that did not understand that it all is a hoax with severe torture) and many other phenomenon are symtoms of a severely dysfunctional society caused by malign information by Swedish bolzjeviks – bolzjeviks of Swedish origin that rule the press, media and public service – that also has a severely disturbed feministic and multicultural agenda. THE CHAOS IN SWEDEN WILL INCREASE YEAR AFTER YEAR UNTIL EVERYONE CRIES FOR SHARIA LAW TO BE INTRODUCED.


Sincerely yours

Dr Thomas GA Jackson, MD, PhD

That 1994 left Sweden for Norway and then spent 10 years in UK, and now in Norway again  from where we might move back to United Kingdom where at least some vital portions of free speech are to be found.