Wellknown pentecostal pastor asks psychiatrist to go and see a psychiatrist!

Wellkown pentecostal pastor Stanley Sjöberg below, from Järfälla in Stockholm Sweden asks in an email Dr. Jackson to go and see a psychiatrist.

                 Stanley Sjöberg

Bildresultat för stanley sjöberg Stanley Sjöberg tells:    ”Gellert Tamas, Henry Ascher and the other communists are right right    right, otherwise I am wrong wrong wrong”

Stanley Sjöberg is wellknown for his sponantuity and he honestly believes everyone that dont agree with the communists should have their head examined.

Dr Jackson tells:   ”Stanley Sjöberg is like all other Swedes brainwashed in this issue and not only Mr Sjöberg but the whole country of Sweden, except nationalists and all wonderful immigrants that have come to Sweden that also objects to Sjöbergs, Aschers and Tamas strange diagnostics should have their heads not only examined by a psychiatrist but by a full specialist neuroscientific team and perhaps even a small amount of neurosurgery. So perhaps they stop instigating torture on these poor and helpless children”.


Dr Jackson is the whistleblower that showed Swedish press were wrong in the chaotic debate about unconscious refugee children. They were not only wrong but swedish media actually stimulated to this severe tragedy by creating copycats and up to 10.000 refugee children have been under less or severe torture because of Swedish neglect.   Stanley Sjöberg told in an email to Dr. Jackson that Dr. Jackson is totally wrong and should go and see a psychiatrist.  Stanley Sjöberg belongs to these christian maffia-groups that have colluded with hard core communists like Henry Ascher and Gellert Tamas in order to facilitate for traffickers and adult asylum seekers to use innocent children as torpedos to get asylum in Sweden.

Below you can listen to the truth about the unbelievable agonizing situations refugee children are exposed to because of these maffia-christians in Stockholm like Elisabeth Sandlund (editor at newspaper Dagen) and Inger Davidsson (unfortunately a politician in the Christian Democratic party) and many more.