What´s really happening in Sweden?

What actually might be the worlds most cruel, longrunning and disgusting FAKE NEWS ever i.e. Swedens apathetic refugee children is created by Swedish journalists at Swedish Public Service. Responsible editor is Mr Nils Hanson who September 2006 aired a programme that told all doctors that disclosed some leading pediatricians four year old diagnostic mistakes were nazis. So Mr Hanson shot the whistleblowers publically in Swedens most prestigious TV-programme ”Uppdrag granskning”. Mr Hanson a well known communistic Swedish journalist has received a copy of this link but he does not have the courage to respond or contradict. He has been asked to come to Stockholm District Court to give witness but is in hiding.

To understand how it is possible for such an outrageous and child torturing information that actually stimulate and instigate child torture can evolve in a western country it is important to get a feeling for the shortcomings and cunning evil of Swedish journalizm. And for this purpose we strongly recommend Tim Pools report from Sweden below. For background information we also recommend this article http://jajj.se/lawsuite-against-swedens-biggest-newspaper-aftonbladet-for-creating-severe-copycat-epidemic/ published on this website that refers to ongoing court procedings at Stockholm District Court where Dr Jackson has taken Mr Jan Helin CEO of programmes at SVT Swedish Public Service to Court for lying about relevant diagnostic tools calling them nationalsocialistic.  Thereby Mr Helin has made it impossible to help these extra vulnerable refugee children.

Please pay attention to the fact that now when Dr. Jackson is hunting the pseudo-journalists to a legal court all MSM- media in Sweden are totally quiet. Otherwise they used to publish all kinds of allegation against Dr Jackson and then deny him every chance to publically respond. Suddenly its not that much fun any longer. All Swedish MSM are now dead silent about this legal process even though it is of extreme interest for the public. Why? Well, because if Dr Jackson wins it might be the biggest blow ever against Swedish lying communiztic journalism.

Everyone watching this report by the prize rewarded journalist Tim Pool about Sweden and reflects will understand how come that the worlds biggest and most painful copycat epidemic of severe ”Induced illness in Children” also called ”Malingering by Proxy” or just MAL-BP has been going on over 15 years in just Sweden of all countries. And still is today.  The phenomenon do not exist anywhere else.  Only in Sweden doctors are obliged to prescribe tube feeding to otherwise healthy but threatened children. Every doctor, nurse or politician that raises concern that traffickers or adult asylum seekers are behind the autrocities is labelled racist and nazi by a unanimous Swedish media – so no one dares to tell any longer.  Some so called apathetic refugee children have died because of restricted tube feeding in order to become so physically weak that they get asylum on humanitarian grounds, but no one dares anymore to raise concern.