Why I temporarliy stop to tweet

Dear Readers,

I live in Norway. I have not been living in Sweden for 25 years. I have though been in close contact and spent at average at least a couple of months in Sweden every year during these 25 years. To be honest not much has changed. Except one thing – the dimension of the problems that became inherent with the socialist take over anno 1968 of a decent Lutheran country.

The characteristics of the problems are the same – the idea that criminals are not to blame, the idea that authorities always are right unless they promote conservative ideology, and many other things.

I have now drawn the conclusion that Swedes and other people that permanently resides in Sweden have to take on the consequences of these policies themselves. Sweden today is getting poorer and more dangerous. One just cant sit outside this country and criticize and perhaps help to polarize an already tensed situation. Much more tensed than people outside Sweden see it.

I will though continue to raise concern about the crimes against humanity that relates to the on purpose starvation of extra vulnerable refugee children that´s been going on in Sweden for at least 20 years.

Thousends of children are victims. And today when journalists especially from the newspaper Expressen try to object to the starvation torture of these children politicians and authorities are extremely slow to admit even the existence of this MAL-BP phenomenon.

There is another phenomenon that illustrates how Swedish morality can totally backfire i.e. the management of the corona virus pandemic. Just as refugee children are starved to apathy and death behind closed doors at refugee camps Swedes let their elderly population vicitms of Covid-19 suffocate to death at nursing homes and elderly centers.

Sweden is the most secular country in the world according to international studies. The results can be seen in Covid-19 pandemic and apathetic refugee children pandemic where living people are reduced to machines of just figures.

Swedens problems are just too big. I have therefore stopped tweeting – I dont want to contribute to polarize an already tense situation.