Wikipedias False Articles and Brain-Washed Swedes

Dear Reader,

In Swedish Wikipedia it says that ”Dr Jackson believes that the children are malingering”.

For information regarding these children please have a look at the programme from BBC, link below.

When in reality I over the years from the early beginning of the heated debate in Sweden have told the opposite that they are not malingering but are under severe child abuse which in international terms should be referred to as ”malingering by proxy”.

But Swedish brains, except nationalistic and conservative, that stand up for the truth in this issue, cannot understand this. Tommy Funebo is the name of the person I asked to review the wikipedia article, and please be aware that I hundreds of times since year 2006 have told him that the children are not malingering but are victims. I know him not well but he is a nice guy. Still after all these years he does not understand the difference between malingering and malingering by proxy.

So he has not changed anything related to the essence of the article. His last amendment actually worsened the quality of the article.

He is a Swede – a victim of Swedish conformistic brain-washing. Even the position of Swedish Medical Association,  that in a trial gave myself total support, Wikipedia gets wrong.   I asked Tommy because he actually wrote the first Wikipedia article about me and in a way therefore is responsible for its misleading content leading to severe child abuse on thousends of children.   Anyway, dont blame Tommy, he is just an ordinary brain-washed Swede, he just CANT get the right perspective on this issue. He do the best he can, but its not enough.

By the way, Swedish Medical Association admitted that they did not understand the difference between e.g. Munchausen by proxy and malingering by proxy.

Whereas when I am abroad  people seem to easier understand the difference.

Swedes are a kind of extra-ordinary people that in some way have a handicap meaning  they are sometimes unable to think!  Probably because they are very scared of each other.  So in short I believe that the severe suffering of these poor children will continue some more years.