www.jajj.se – Summary – Conclusions and New Work Projects

End of succesful efforts to make the medical child abuse called MAL-BP known in Sweden


Today 26th of September Dr. Jackson regards his intentions with www.jajj.se and his other websites that are now closed, achieved.

For a period of ten years, September 2006 until this day September 2016, Dr. Jackson has consistently in debates, articles, TV-interviews, Radioprograms, provocative political actions and in lectures strived for enlightening Swedish colleagues, Swedish journalists, Swedish public authorities and Swedish public that there do exist a cruel situation in health care where adults use children for their own, not the childrens, personal gains.

This iatrogenic child abuse where adults lure pediatricians to together with the adults make the children ill is called MAL-BP. A good review article you find here:


The debate has been extremely tough as Swedish pediatricians concistently have denied any wrongdoing and politicized the issue but today we can with satisfaction tell that the knowledge of the existence of MAL-BP is increasing.   This means Dr. Jackson can end the websites that have been necessary to, sometimes with a provocative atttitude to be seen and heard, bring the message out to the public that this terrible maltreatment and abuse of children do exist. And is scientifically and internationally thoroughly discussed even if it was unknown to Swedish doctors and journalists until the big debate related to so called apathetic refugee children started year 2006 when Dr. Jackson raised concern and was the first to draw attention to MAL-BP in spite of denial among journalists and pediatricians.

What will Dr. Jackson do now?

  1. He is leaving Swedish political debate and the issue of MAL-BP and instead focusing on building up private excellent evidence based health care organisations in Sweden, Norway and UK. The moral integrity, the political courage, the strong empathy and diagnostic competence Dr. Jackson showed during the Swedish debate related to the MAL-BP epidemic in Sweden 2006-2016 will be of great significance to guarantee that health care under the leadership of Dr. Jackson will be of highest evidence based clinical quality and with deep care and help for suffering people.   All loyalty with patients – none with colleagues is Dr. Jacksons proverb.
  2. Dr. Jackson has realised that without high quality journalism and adequate and relevant reporting to the public it is very very difficult to improve public health care.  Therefore he will as a side activity start up a media company including a publishing company producing books, a doctors journal and a weekly newspaper.

All this will take its time but it surely is worth trying.

Below you find a you-tube interview Nya Tider did with Dr. Jackson 2014 about the MAL-BP abuse of refugee children in Sweden. One case of MAL-BP developed because of copycat mechanisms into an epidemic with thousends of asylum children that were tube fed for months and years waiting for asylum.

This  humanitarian catastrophe took place because Swedish Pediatricians Association strongly denied the existence of MAL-BP.   Nya Tider was during September 2016 Swedens most debated newspaper. A debate caused by Nya Tiders pioneer work to broaden up the very narrow debate climate in Sweden. Unfortunately the interview is in Swedish but we are working on an English translation hopefully completed within 1-2 months.