Brief Information about Legal Proceedings Related to MAL-BP Abuse in Sweden

Here is a letter from a Swedish Minister year 2006 where he applauses the hypothesis of Malingering by Proxy.




Malingering by Proxy Phenomenon – Adults coerce or cooperate with the child that acts according to instructions to show illness



In short.

  1. Karolinska Institute, famous Swedish Nobel Prize Institute will probably be regarded as the original source of error. They do everything they can to avoid discussing the issue although the vice chancellor has formally raised concern.
  2. It is extremely difficult for journalists to raise concern especially as 99% of Swedens leading journalists celebrated Pig-Gellert Tamas as a hero.  They still try to give him some credit even though his productions aired by Swedish State Television were purely fraud.
  3. Sweden is today a melting pot of anarchy, lies and corrupted attitudes that flow through the established system. For over a decade tens of thousends of young men over the age of 25 have come to Sweden and told they are teenagers.   Political Correctness in Sweden has ordered not to question their age so in fact many have registered in primary school that in Sweden is for children between 7-16 years of age.
  4. There are examples of many of these refugee children that later confess they are over 25 years of age and even up to 40 years of age. So taking this into consideration everyone probably understand that the phenomenon of apathetic children is plausible in Sweden which today have the clearly highest number of gunshot killed people in Europe, lowest number of beds/capita in hospitals and highest rate of rapes in the world together with South Africa. Many refugees from Ukraine refuse to go to Sweden for shelter because they believe its worse in Sweden than in safe havens in Ukraine.
  5. Some journalists and media shout as high as possible for a state investigation again as now children grown up to adults tell about the unheard intensity of torture they are  victims of in Sweden. But Sweden dont care. Sweden pretend everything is in order. Today many talk about a division of Sweden into two states. One Lutheran state and one anarchistic multicultural state. The first state investigation anno 2006 discussed the proper diagnosis malingering by proxy but Swedish State Television disclosed this State Investigation as a nazi coup. This is so typical for Sweden of today. The only ones that raised concern were right wing radicals and nazis that clearly told ”WE DONT ACCEPT ABUSE OF ANY CHILDREN – NOR SWEDISH CHILDREN NEITHER REFUGEE CHILDREN”.   And as the nazis wanted to raise concern the female directors at State Television saw this as a proof that no assaults om children were going on.  So Swedish State Television undisputable caused this enormous child catastrophe to continue although experts in the first state investigation told the truth that could have saved thousends of refugee children from severe year long torture.  Now there even is an idiot, a UK so called neurologist Suzanne O’Sullivan that in her book ”The Sleeping Beauties” promote this torture.   The reason why I call Suzanne O’Sullivan an idiot is that its probably the only way to get her aware of the tragic torture her book might instigate. She can take me to an English court so I can tell the judge about whats going on in Sweden. Today I have more support than ever. Even though the Swedish establishment will push everyone that tells the truth out to the cold. The scandal is just too big to disclose. Even the Nobel Prize in medicine might be stopped. Thats on my word of honour the dimension of this tragedy.


Below you find some of the so called unaccompanied children that have labelled themselves 14-18 years old, discussed in paragraph 3 and 4 above

Here a probably 30 years old man gets a medal because he won a competetion for 14-years old in a Swedish school



So its very easy to understand that if a refugee family buys a child at an orphanage in Asia, beats the child and threatens it to stay silent when the doctor comes to visit in a Swedish asylum center the doctor that perhaps is told ”you can just look from a distance of 5 meters for some seconds otherwise the child will be so upset that it wont eat for days and might die” the doctor cant do anything else than agree.  He cant object. Just as when it comes to discussing the age of adult men that call themselves unaccompanied children.

Here you find pictures of some apathetic children


Apatiska barn ofta inte sjuka | SvD


Många apatiska flyktingbarn i Dalarna | MabP syndrom


Många apatiska flyktingbarn i Dalarna | MabP syndrom