There are already so many blogs, Facebook comments, Twitter-tweets and now even police reports so we have decided not to publish any reports here regarding the horrible corona-situation in Sweden.

We want though everyone to pay attention to the fact that there are big simililarities to another epidemic in Sweden i.e. the epidemic of Swedens apathetic children that now are shown, although not admitted, to have been another humanitarian catastrophe in Sweden.

In short:   Swedes are extremely conformistic and no one dares to speak out!

We will comment more about that later.


Här publicerar vi läkares och övrig hälso-och sjukvårdpersonals artiklar/rapporteringar om coronovirus-epidemin i Sverige och världen

Med fokus på publicering av artiklar/rapporter som nekats publicering i andra media

Med tanke på coronavirus-epidemin tar vi även in anhörigas berättelser

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