Christian Conservative Party – CCP


It sure has been a long road for me.  But now there seems to exist bigger opportunities than before to start a so much needed classical conservative Christian party in Sweden. Its main purpose is that the CHURCH should be in the middle of it all – the synagogues, mosques and all other confessions at the periphery. All this with love and respect for other people and their confessions. Swedens lead culture is traditional christianity and should so remain.

CCP is, being a classical conservative party, also a reasonable nationalistic and reasonable ethnocentric political party which means that of course Swedes inborn since centuries back have a greater right to inhabit this eastern part of the Scandinavian peninsula than any other people have.  Today we have people from all over the world in Sweden and they should be welcomed.  But they should always remember they are in the country of the historical Vikings and contemporary Christian Swedes.

We will start this party after we have had parliamentary elections in Sweden in September this year 2018.


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