The court case Jackson against Swedish State Television registered act no B 6490-23 at Stockholm District Court is the first legal case where a legal procedure is necessary to bring evident facts about scientific circumstances on the table.

In short Dr Jackson was one of many others that for decades was misquoted by Swedish media making it impossible to arrange grounds for a scientific discussion. The scientific discussion was heavily marked by Swedish journalist labelling evident objective facts as politically extreme and even buried pure neutral facts that did not fit the narrative that Swedish State Television in corporation with Karolinska Institute strived for keeping up as objective truth about refuge childrens symtom.

To disclose evident facts so an honest scientific discussion can begin to take place Dr Jackson has to go to the court.

Court proceedings begin on Tuesday 16th of April.

Here below a link to a brief article in British Medical Journal about the complicated issue. Persons that raised concerns among them Dr Jackson are today proved being right but media organisations and world famous medical research center Karolinska Institute that labelled severe abuse of children as ”a newly discovered illness” do what they can to hide their mistakes.